James W Fry 3.0 CV

James W. Fry

illustrator, cartoonist & designer

2010-2012    FunGoPlay   NY, NY

Senior Art Designer

Generation of 2D art for sports-themed online children’s

environment. Created and designed visuals for characters, concepts and

assets for website. Worked with and provided notes for 2D and 3D artists and

animators to maintain design continuity. Created storyboards for online

animated shorts. Produced 2D color line art for motion comic strips.

1985-2011    Various

Freelance Cartoonist/ Illustrator

Storyboard Artist

Visual storytelling, illustration, character design and concept execution for

comic books, books,  cartoons  and other media.

2005    Marvel/Lion’s Gate Productions. Las Angeles, CA

Creation and clean up of storyboards for Marvels Ultimate Avengers 2, an

animated feature film

2004    ReelFX Creative Studios   Dallas, TX

2-D  Illustrator

Rendering of 2-Dimensional animation sequences

for GI Joe: Ninja Battles, a computer-generated DVD feature film

Instructor,  Basic Cartooning

2005    Ethical Culture Fieldson School,  NY,NY

Taught basics of character design, narrative flow, page and panel layout and

other fundamentals of cartooning

2001-2003    Parsons/New School of Continuing Ed. Dept. NY,NY

Instructor, Animation Design

Taught basics of character design, storyboarding, timing and other

fundamentals of animation

2001-2003    The Jointure   Raritan, NJ


Taught fundamentals of character drawing in After-School programs,

chiefly ages 6-12, foundations of comic art (including anatomy, line,

movement, composition, storytelling)  for ages 13 through adult

2002    Queer As Folk TV Series

Production Artist

Created original comic art for onscreen use in several episode of Season 2.

1984-1985    Marvel Comics  NY, NY

Staff Artist

Produced in-house art for advertisements and promos, corrected

and enhanced previously existing artwork for reprint projects

Marvel Comics

Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man Team-Up, X-Men Unlimited

Marvel/Lion’s Gate Productions

Ultimate Avengers 2 (direct to DVD animated feature film)

G.I.Joe Ninja Battles feature film DVD

DC Comics

Star Trek, Batman Adventures, Birds of Prey

Archie Comics

Sonic The Hedgehog

“The Famous Jett Jackson” for Disney Adventures Magazine

Children’s Television Workshop

“Cosmic Crew” comic strip for Contact Magazine

Columbia Records

Bass Blasta logo design

Doubleday Books

Star Trek: StarFleet Academy Young Adult Novels


Dartmouth College                                              Hanover, NH


Stuyvesant High School                                     NY, NY

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